Stax Classics
Carla Thomas

Carla Thomas is known for her timeless music as the queen, to Otis Redding’s King of Soul™. Stax Records’ first star, paired with her father Rufus Thomas on the classic “Cause I Love You,” Carla would go on to hit the charts through both the Atlantic Records-era, and after Stax split off to become an independent powerhouse, with a series of soul-pop gems that are featured on this compilation, from “B-A-B-Y” and “I Like What You’re Doing (To Me)” to “Let Me Be Good To You,” and of course her scorching 1966 duet with The Big O, “Tramp.”

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  1. B-A-B-Y 
  2. Tramp (Otis Redding & Carla Thomas)
  3. Something Good (Is Going to Happen to You) 
  4. I Like What You're Doing (to Me) 
  5. Cause I Love You (Carla & Rufus) 
  6. Let Me Be Good To You 
  7. Comfort Me 
  8. When Tomorrow Comes 
  9. What Is Love? 
  10. Pick Up the Pieces 
  11. I've Got No Time to Lose 
  12. I Play for Keeps